Great Market of Contemporary Art of Joël Garcia Organisation

Joel Garcia Organisation

42, rue du Père Corentin 75014 Paris-France
Phone : +33 1 56 53 93 93
Fax : +33 1 56 53 93 99

Joel Garcia Organisation has been organising the GMAC Since 1994
These Contemporary Art Markets take place

•In May and October - Place de la Bastille.
•In September, in Chatou's Impressionists’ Island - West of Paris
•In March, at Parc Floral Vincenne - East Of Paris.

In only seven years, these contemporary art exhibits have enabled more than 9000 artists to show their works. Nearly one million visitors have gazed at and bought theire creation, enabling contemporary artists froù all tendancies to exist in a cultural and commercially way.

If you are interested to expose on our shows, Please, contact we and leave we your coordinates to pass on you a file.