Biography :

Self-made woman , totally free.

Else offers us a new approach to painting. Else suggests us with elegance, lightness and refinement.

The body of her works is a continual quest of equilibrum wich brings us peace.
These forms, matters and colors belong only to it. it releases a freshness and an undeniable originality from it; Thus its red, luminous and soft. She describes her paintings as "maximum expression with minimum lines". Else awakes our subtlety and nothing imposes to him. styles and techniques of painting she has created are recognizable around the world.
Her paintings have been seducing and convincing lots of collector , art amateur and journalists from PARIS to NewYORK , Hong kong , Begin and Tel aviv for one hundred expositions now.

In 2007, she settles down to Tel Aviv where she opens her personal Else gallery in Tel Aviv .
In 2017 she closes the gallery to have more time to paint.

Her work declines in several themes:

- Collages with tubes Gmara or musique and plexiglass box
- Musicien sculpture on painting in plexiglass box
- Collages
- Creatures personnages
- Line work
- Pop art
- Video art

- sculptures creatures